Making TV Advertising Work For Higher Education

The only student recruitment platform delivering the power of TV with precise targeting and digital attribution.

Precise Digital CTV and Mobile Device ID Targeting Across:

Public High Schools
Private High Schools
STEM High Schools
High School Students
0 Million

Nothing Works Better Than CTV To Tell Your Story.

RecruEDU is the only Connected TV (CTV) platform to offer colleges and universities a recruitment solution that combines optimized student targeting, media buying, and actual digital attribution.

With this Integrated Data …access to over 15 million students instantly

High School Student Select

The service comes fully integrated with a location-based targeting called “polygonning”, which is an advanced form of digital geo-fencing.

Transform TV into a Scalable Marketing Solution for Higher Ed.

High School Student Select

The TV is the largest screen in the house (often with an entire room dedicated to it) … but it’s the only device that hasn’t been economically accessible for educational institutions recruitment needs.

It’s all about the data…

High School Student Select

Every US high school has been surveyed and all data appended with the core enrollment attributes provided by the National Center of Educational Statistics (NCES), STEM.Org, US Dept. of Education, and the US Census.

With Additional Data…Address all your other recruitment needs.

High School Student Select

College recruiters can also employ more than 15,000 unique lifestyle and lifestage audience segments to address recruitment efforts against transfer students, graduate degrees, diversity, adult continuing ed. and more.

Web-to-TV Student Retargeting

Retarget your most valuable student prospects and engage them with the highest impact ad on the most influential screen.

Get Ready For College QTV…

…QR Code Technology for College CTV Recruitment

What is it?

A custom, scannable QR code stitched into your video assets and distributed across CTV programs.

College QTV…What it Looks Like.

Student views your dynamic video ad with unique QR Code on their Connected TV.

Data • Retargeting • ROI • Reporting

Bring Your Audience Data to the Party…

Onboard your most valuable prospect segments using a broad range of custom first party identifiers.

CTV Inventory Optimization

RecruEDU uses the first supply path-optimized buying platform in the industry, providing direct access to premium CTV inventory from the source (the CTV publisher), bypassing unnecessary technology layers, delivering the highest value to college recruiters.

Match TV Ad Exposure to Site Visitation and Outcomes

Measure Conversion + ROI

The entire purpose of advertising is to drive results that can be measured. This fundamental truth is everything we do revolves around driving measurable results for your recruitment efforts.

Real-Time Reporting Dashboard + Google Analytics

Prove CTV Attribution

Access a detailed view of traffic and conversions from CTV advertising campaigns.