College QTV

Get Ready For College QTV…

…QR Code Technology for College CTV Recruitment

What is it?

  • A custom, scannable QR code stitched into your video assets and distributed across CTV programs.
  • Provides call-to-action engagements turning passive viewership into an interactive recruitment experience.
  • Drives student engagement via. a branded mobile experience.

College QTV…What it Looks Like.

Closing the gap between viewership and engagement

How it works.

  • Student views your dynamic video ad with unique QR Code on their Connected TV.
  • Student scans the QR Code with their mobile device and receives a unique ID.
  • Your recruitment page loads on their smartphone allowing them to explore specific pages, events, and curriculum.
  • Capture data and capture CTV engagement activity in Google analytics.

College QTV…Key Benefits

Building a Performance Story Around Your CTV Campaigns

User Experience:

Reaching the student audience in the home,  on the big screen creates unequaled BRAND awareness.


Positions your school as forward thinking. You provide your prospective recruits with relevant experiences that reflect their contemporary expectations.


Creating user touchpoints connecting households to individuals then retarget them again on CTV and other platforms.


Master the understanding on how TV exposure influences user behavior and activity tied to your school.