Connected TV

Nothing Works Better Than CTV To Tell Your Story.

RecruEDU is the only Connected TV (CTV) platform to offer colleges and universities a recruitment solution that combines optimized student targeting, media buying, and actual digital attribution. This powerful solution empowers schools of all sizes to aggressively exploit CTV’s superior engagement and story-telling capabilities.

This new CTV channel engages an audience of 15 million students across nearly 38,000 high schools. And this new channel is built on the Internet, enabling you the benefits of the same underlying technologies that support all your digital marketing. Your recruitment message can be delivered to the most influential screen in the home, the TV, and measure results with digital-like precision.

We call this capability…High School Student Select. A comprehensive data enabled CTV video recruitment solution for Higher Education.

CTV Advertising + Attribution Platform

The First Connected TV Advertising + Attribution Platform

When it comes to TV recruitment advertising, most colleges and universities fall into two categories: they either avoid it because it is expensive and unmeasurable, or they work with cable companies or local broadcasters, which are also… expensive and unmeasurable.
Recruedu CTV enables the higher Ed. community to test targeted TV advertising without considerable investment and measure the return on ad spend in the same way you measure other digital advertising channels like paid search or social.

CTV Inventory Optimization

Direct Access to Premium Inventory

RecruEDU uses the first supply path-optimized buying platform in the industry, providing direct access to premium CTV inventory from the source (the CTV publisher), bypassing unnecessary technology layers, delivering the highest value to college recruiters.

Optimized Media Buying

Buying media efficiently is critical for budget challenged recruitment efforts. We’ve created direct relationships with premium CTV publishers pulling that inventory into our platform. This provides admissions departments cost-effective access to high-quality inventory on the big screen.

Curated Premium CTV Inventory

Brand-safe curated inventory is built from high-quality publishers and streaming apps, providing access to a superset of the best long-form, lean back, professionally produced CTV content.

  • Full Screen
  • HD Resolution
  • Non-skippable
  • 6, 10, 15, and 30 seconds

Audience Data

Bring Your Audience Data to the Party…

Onboard your most valuable prospect segments using a broad range of custom first party identifiers.

These include:

  • Address of recruitment prospect
  • Email address
  • Household IP of prospect
  • Device ID of prospect mobile device

All in a data-protected environment.


Web-to-TV Student Retargeting

Retarget your most valuable student prospects and engage them with the highest impact ad on the most influential screen.

  1. Set up a High School Student Select campaign, then place our CTV retargeting pixel on your website to collect data.
  2. Once the CTV pixel is live, any visitors to your site get added to the retargeting audience pool to retarget them on TV.
  3. Any user who visits your site can now be retargeted with a non-skippable CTV ad that reignites their interest in your brand.