High School Student Select

Access to Over 15 Million Students

With this Integrated Data …access to over 15 million students instantly

The service comes fully integrated with a location-based targeting called “polygonning”, which is an advanced form of digital geo-fencing.

With this technology, we collect the students smartphone device ID’s across all 38,000 schools in our database. A device ID is like the “VIN” number to your car…a unique identifier for each mobile device. Use your historical admissions data to select the schools you want to recruit from.

With this device ID data captured, we appended it to your TV ad and deliver it specifically to individual students home via. our CTV platform.

Additionally, you can supplement your CTV programs with other device ID targeting integrations across OTT, social, mobile, and display. Surgical precision across all devices, all screens, all platforms. Total targeting efficiency, no wasted impressions.

High School Student Select

Scalable Marketing Solution

Transform TV into a Scalable Marketing Solution for Higher Ed.

Every US high school has been surveyed and all data appended with the core enrollment attributes provided by the National Center of Educational Statistics (NCES), STEM.Org, US Dept. of Education, and the US Census.

Some Key Data Assets include:
31,350 public high schools
6,504 private high schools
5,000 ranked STEM high schools
3,000+ with military affinity, JROTC
Total enrollments, by grade
Location address and Lat/long
Type of school, curriculum focus, STEM
Ethnic compositions
Economic traits
Smartphone device ID counts
Residential IP determination

High School Student Select

It’s all about the data…

Bring Your Audience Data to the Party…

Onboard your most valuable prospect segments using a broad range of custom first party identifiers.

These include:

  • Address of recruitment prospect
  • Email address
  • Household IP of prospect
  • Device ID of prospect mobile device
  • All in a data-protected environment

High School Student Select

Targeting Segments

With Additional Data…Address all your other recruitment needs. .

College recruiters can also employ more than 15,000 unique lifestyle and lifestage audience segments to address recruitment efforts against transfer students, graduate degrees, diversity, adult continuing ed. and more.

Achieve unequalled measurement and attribution via. our deterministic ID technology that matches CTV ad exposure to site visitations and performance. With direct attribution, college recruiters can make real-time decisions on campaign performance and media plan optimization.

Additional CTV Targeting Segments

  • Online Behavioral
  • Offline Behavioral
  • Interest-Based
  • Demographic
  • Geography
  • Custom Segments


Enable digital-like targeting through trusted third-party data sources with over 15K unique segments.

High School Student Select

CTV Retargeting

Web-to-TV Student Retargeting

Retarget your most valuable student prospects and engage them with the highest impact ad on the most influential screen.

  1. Set up a High School Student Select campaign, then place our CTV retargeting pixel on your website to collect data.
  2. Once the CTV pixel is live, any visitors to your site get added to the retargeting audience pool to retarget them on TV.
  3. Any user who visits your site can now be retargeted with a non-skippable CTV ad that reignites their interest in your brand.