Measure Conversion & ROI

Match TV Ad Exposure to Site Visitation and Outcomes

The entire purpose of advertising is to drive results that can be measured. This fundamental truth is everything we do revolves around driving measurable results for your recruitment efforts.

Nine out of ten TVs are connected to the internet with most TV content delivered through digital technology. This finally allow for actual better measurement and accurate attribution. 

Attribution You Can Trust

Bad attribution creates wasted ad spend and ineffective optimizations. Through this patent-pending CTV attribution platform, college recruiters can now match CTV ad exposure to site visitations and outcomes through a direct 1:1 deterministic ID.

Second Screen Response Measurement

By cross-referencing website traffic to CTV ad exposure, we can identify visitors to your website after ad delivery. This process measures what we call the “Second Screen Response Rate”. After your TV ad was delivered, did the viewer perform a measured action on your website or other tracked property? All of this data integrates into Google Analytics as well as our Reporting Dashboard.

The TV Ad Responsiveness Insights (tvARI)

All ads are not created equal, and all campaigns do not perform the same. RecruEDU helps recruiters understand performance across their ad campaigns with responsiveness oriented performance metrics such as time to conversion, frequency before conversion, and cost per action.