Recruedu Platform

How We Accurately Map High Schools

Precise targeting is the only way to eliminate waste

Every mobile device has a unique ID number that is anonymously associated with the owner. This is kind of like the “VIN” number to your car. Mobile device “platforms” chronicle all current and past location “visits” with each device and stores this data for future access. This location data is generated by a form of geofencing called “polygonning”. Simply, an electronic boundary is placed around a location (like a high school property) and device ID’s within the location are identified, captured and databased.

With proprietary mapping technology, we’ve created polygon blueprints for over 35,000 public and private high schools, 6,000 colleges and universities and over 400 US military installations. We can tell precisely whether students are on campus, in the parking lot, home or vacationing in Disneyland. Once the device ID is captured, you can engage that prospective student whenever you want, where ever they go.

With these ID’s, there is a variety of marketing tactics we can employ for you:

Mobile ID Targeted Delivery

With a curated collection of location derived device ID’s, you can target these specific users on their mobile device at any time or any place they go. You are not restricted to the original location where the device was first captured. Ads are displayed in-app and on visited websites the user chooses.

Mobile-to-Social ID Integration

Device ID’s are transferable into social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, TikTok and Twitter. Target the exact same mobile users when the access their accounts and pages within these social environments. With these ID’s, we can create custom and look-alike audiences to scale ad delivery.

Mobile ID to Connected TV

CTV adoption is at an all-time high with 90% of all TVs sold are connected, with over 80% of US households owning at least one CTV. By uploading device ID’s into our exclusive CTV platform, you can surgically target your individual audience segments with full scale TV ads directly into their home