Reporting & Analytics

Prove CTV Attribution

Real-Time Reporting Dashboard + Google Analytics

Access a detailed view of traffic and conversions from CTV advertising campaigns. Robust reporting proves the value of CTV investment and is integrated directly into Google Analytics. Your dashboard visually tracks and displays key performance indicators, delivery metrics, and critical data points to monitor your CTV advertising campaigns’ health and success.

Reporting Dashboard

Your dashboard lets you view total conversions attributed to CTV ad campaign delivery and total traffic associated with a CTV ad campaign within the defined attribution window, sorted by referring source (e.g., search and social).

Google Analytics Integrated Traffic Reports

Our direct integration into Google Analytics highlights second screen traffic and subsequent online actions helping you understand the effect CTV advertising performance has on other digital channels.

Reporting includes post-CTV ad campaign traffic labeled and sorted by referring source (e.g., search and social) and standard Google Analytics metric and dimensions for analysis.